Friday, May 11, 2012

Something like this...

you tease and taunt .. make me want


tease me
taunt me
i need to know how bad you want me


please you
there's nothing new
it's the same old same old ... me wanting you.


... don't
... won't

you never leave it alone.
I can't reach you by phone.
always gone so long I've wondered if you've ever had a home


closed my eyes
with a soft pleading sigh
softly kissing each side
lightly press my lips to your eyes,
I start to fuss
you shush
and hush
asking me to remember
the bigger part to* us


what we've agreed


beginning to wonder if it was a misdeed


suddenly I'm reminded or falsely coerced
that the wickedness of this perversion .... is the best part of the excursion


you tease and taunt .. make me want


I prayed you'd stay
heard you whisper
heard you say


decided and unalterable
near and far
high and low
inside or out
Neptune or the same room
together we're home


separate we search always feeling alone


seemingly close
so far away
searching and learning
waiting and working
days and nights brew into one


toward the day
when you'll stay
beside me


slipping inside me
pulling me close
holding me tight


finally everything is right


releasing a heavy venerate groan

letting me know you've finally come home.



1:18 am edt 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Potter

I'm looking at you.

I'm displeased. 

Apparently, I can grab hold of your mushy lil self and mold you into something pleasing. 

Shall we try? 


Great. C'mere. Let's not waste another minute thinking about it. 

I do indeed find myself quite cleaver. 

I'm sure you'll find

Even though

I am the one in charge of the manipulation

A minor vexation

That it is your mind

And it is your body

That will be eased out of this tense situation

Finding a home in pleasant sedation 


Oh, how I envy anyone lucky enough to be cared for by me




4:45 am edt 


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